Dairy Replacement

For food designers looking to meet a growing demand for dairy alternatives, Canadian yellow peas offer a clean-label, low-allergenicity solution.

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Soy and other plant-based “dairy alternatives” aren’t just for vegans and those with lactose allergies. As consumer interest shifts away from animal-derived products, a demand for plant-based alternatives to milk, cheese and other dairy products has taken root. Derived from Canadian yellow peas, our proprietary Accu-Gel™ Pea Starch and Propulse™ Pea Protein offer food designers an array of exciting and nutritious applications.

Applications At-A-Glance

Accu-Gel™ Pea Starch

  • Imitation cheese

Propulse™ Pea Protein

  • Beverages
  • Infant formula

Beverages & Infant Formula

As plant-based beverages made from almond, soy and other dairy alternatives become more popular with health-conscious consumers, food manufacturers are presented with a growing opportunity to provide the market with dairy-free alternatives. Locally grown and an excellent source of protein, Canadian yellow peas are an ideal choice.

With a thin, non-gelling viscosity, Propulse Pea Protein is ideal for use in beverages and other liquid systems. Specifically, our pea proteins work well in applications where soy and why proteins are currently used, with the added benefit of a low allergenicity profile.

Imitation Cheese

Today’s pizzerias and restaurants use increasing amounts of imitation cheese. These products provide the flavor and functionality of cheese, lowering both calories and cholesterol at a reduced cost. While normally made using rennet casein or expensive caseinates as a primary ingredient, producers are pushing to find a partial or total caseinate replacement due to its current high cost and uncertain future availability.

Formulations for imitation cheese are complex, but Accu-Gel Pea Starch is well-positioned to play a role. Because Accu-Gel has a neutral flavor, it does not detract from the cheese flavor. And because of its unique gelling properties, it is well suited to provide the binding and emulsion-stabilizing properties required during cheese preparation.

Accu-Gel pea starch can be used as a 15-40% replacement of casein while maintaining desirable textural properties, such as gel, re-melt, firmness, stickiness, shredding and slicing characteristics.