Centara™ Pea Hull Fiber

Sourced from Canadian yellow pea hulls, Centara™ Pea Hull Fiber is a unique, non-GMO, functional food ingredient. Nutritious and non-allergenic, Centara is a great source of dietary fiber and can be easily incorporated into an array of food applications without impacting taste, color, or texture.


Delivering more than 85% total dietary fiber, pea hulls are one of the richest fiber sources on the market. Centara harnesses the yellow pea’s nutritional and physiological advantages (dietary fiber enrichment, fat reduction, caloric value reduction, etc.) with technological advantages (texture improvement, control of moisture migration, reduced weight loss, etc.) to offer product designers an easy means of dietary fiber enrichment.

To create Centara™, the hulls of Canadian yellow peas are put through a proprietary process to make a stable, finely ground, tasteless, high concentrated dietary fiber ingredient. With a bland taste and color, Centara is suitable for application in foods ranging from pizza crust and meatballs to chocolate chip cookies and truffles, and its high dietary fiber content allows for lower usage levels when compared to using other fibers.

North Americans consume less than 50% of the dietary fiber levels required for good health, and this may be as low as 20% in today’s youth. Centara™ offers product designers an easy means of dietary fiber enrichment

Centara™ at a Glance

  • Very high dietary fiber content (TDF > 85%)
  • Low allergenicity & label-friendly
  • Improves digestive health
  • Calorie reduction in foods
  • Neutral in taste & color
  • Lengthens shelf life
  • Texture and binding
  • Trusted & sustainable origin
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher & Halal
  • Gluten-free
  • Canadian Origin

Your Fiber Enrichment Solution

Centara’s unique physical structure and particle size allow for easy incorporation into both liquid and dry formulations, making it ideal for adding fiber to products that are generally low in this essential nutrient. And its neutral taste and color makes it easy to incorporate into a wide variety of food applications without sacrificing flavor or appearance. Due to its neutral and inert properties, Centara can be used universally in practically any application within the food industry — with no sensory interference.

Allergen-Free & Gluten-Free

Yellow peas are NOT deemed as a major allergen by the FDA or EU governing bodies. This means Centara does not require allergen labeling, and it can be used as a replacement for wheat and soy fiber in products aimed at allergy sufferers. By virtue of being gluten-free, Centara can also be used in products marketed towards consumers with Celiac disease.

Suggested Applications

  • Bread products — 8-12% substitution for flour increases volume, improves dough strength, texture, extends shelf life
  • Clinical nutrition / parenteral beverages — fine particles allow for tubal applications
  • Fiber additive — an excellent substitute for wheat, oat, soy or sugar beet fiber
  • Meat products — texture improver, fat replacer and texture modifier
  • Meat products filler — used to replace starch (corn maize or modified); it is not gritty, it is neutral in color, odor and flavor
  • Cookies, snack cakes and muffins — up to 25% substitution for flour, add more liquid ingredients to achieve the best results
  • Energy, health and wellness bars — a concentrated fiber source for fiber enrichment and fortification; in unbaked cereal bars, use 5-9%
  • Extruded snacks, dry mixes
Centara™ III
Description Undergoes a process with no chemical modification
Color beige
Grind Size fine
pH 6.5-7.5
Taste bland
Total Fiber Content (db) 85%

Key Benefits


  • Very high dietary fiber content (TDF > 85%)
  • Improves digestive health
  • Contributes 92% insoluble / 8% soluble fiber
  • Enables caloric reduction in foods


  • Transport & control of liquids through capillary action
  • Retains 5 times its weight in water
  • Oil binding in low-fat applications
  • Imparts mouthfeel and body
  • Texture and structure improvement
  • Formation of an insoluble 3D fiber network
  • Promotes softer crumb in baked goods
  • Allows optimum mixing characteristics and dough relaxation
  • Encourages anti-caking during sheeting
  • Minimizes caking & clumping
  • Synergistic effects with emulsifiers & thickeners


  • Substitution of high-priced ingredients
  • Reduced cooking/frying loss through binding of ingredients
  • Reduces syneresis and improves frozen stability
  • Increases microwave stability
  • Reduces breakage and cracking due to long, flexible fibers
  • Enhances freshness & lengthens shelf life
  • Reduced splitting and abrasion
  • Encourages high yield

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